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that is all................


Ohhhh really nao....

this is a work vent post....you don't have to read this but I just need to put this somewhere before i throw a stapler at someone.

Dear, Mr. Shitty Sales Manager...

I emailed you about an issue that I had with your sales people and how much they fucking suck but I put it in a nice way and I thought we were cool after a few emails exchanges back and forth. But then come to find out you turned into a pussy PUNK and went to my manager and complained about something that I know I'm right on. So excuse me if you've never had a female tell you straight but if you come to think for one more second that you and I are cool after this, you thought wrong homie.

You see this??

That's me to you buddy.

Fuck you and your shitty Beatles cover band too. I hope you sit on your drum stick you dumb fuck


A bitch that knows what she's doing.


I'm just gonna leave this right here......

Yamapi made me break my blogging dry spell.

The Latest Date Rape Song...

I know, I know long time no see. Well I'm backkkkkk...again!


I'm backkkkkk & I'm pist....lol

Dude, how long till I stop getting guilt trips over the dumbest things??? WTF man? I can’t catch a break from this damn woman!!!

“You don’t do this, this, and that but oh ya I already bought you a xmas & bday combined but you’re a fuck up”

If you give two shits then click on...lolCollapse )Read more...Collapse )


Today's horoscope...

It's pretty dead on today. Now if only i had saw that at 10am and not 10pm....

(Jan 20 - Feb 18)
If everyone seems argumentative today, consider that your attitude may have something to do with the tension. Your current anxiety might stem from your fear of change, especially if your life seems like it's out of control. But this isn't about regaining authority or winning a debate. Your job now is to practice flexibility. Encouraging freedom in others will ultimately ease your worries and give you the independence you want.




I'm still in NY and will be heading back to crapy Miami on Monday...BOOOOO!!!

N-e wayz, for those of you on my flist here just an FYI, Asian Pop Addict Radio show will be uploaded on Tuesday and not Monday of this upcoming week because of me leaving here on Monday...sorry. I promise, I'll try and make this show extra lulz for you for having to wait an extra day.

I've done so much crap while here in NY, seen tons of family and friends. AND! I went into K-town and omg I never want to leave the one street of block, lmao.

I saw this while at a book store...

I stared at it for dayzzzzz...lol

Well I have to head out with some fam now but I feel so damn lost, I haven't been able to keep up with ANYTHING really. So leave me a comment and tell me what have I missed in the week or so I've been here.

Much Love


NYC! Here I Come!!!


Well, tomorrow (Thursday the 6th) I am heading out to New York for a much needed vaca. I'll be away from shitty Miami, my fam, my house and of course most important WORK! BOOOO WORK!

Only thing that sucks is that I'll be away from my whores for 10 days but I'm sure we'll all survive without each other. FYI I am terrified of flying, I hate planes, I hate heights so pretty much anytime I have to fly I have to drug myself in order to not shit my pants while in air. lol

I just hope I get there safely because if I die then that means no more APOPA and that would SUCK! lol


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