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I've Got Sh*t To Say!

If u enjoy lulz & foul language then you've come to the right place!

Cyn City
24 January 1984
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I'm Dominican...big up to all the platano's out there. lol I was born in da boogie down Bronx but now living in Miami. I work for radio station in Miami. I've been in the radio biz for almost 7 years now, it's a stressful job but I love it. I'm also the founder of Asian Pop Addict. A weekly asian podcast radio show.

I'm very outgoing. I love to laugh and crack jokes even if they are not that funny. I believe laughter is the cure to everything. I care for the ones close to me very much. I hate drama!!! I hate liars and I most hate people who talk a lot of crap behind peoples back but don't have the balls to say it to their face!!! I keep it real so if you need to know something just come ask. Laterz!!